Emma’s Diary Appointment Option

TIME 2013 have made over 40,000 Emma’s Diary appointments for photographers over the last five years. Their services are available to photographers not wishing to make their own appointments. TIME are strongly recommended by both Barrett & Coe and Emma’s Diary.

This is the process that TIME follows if you wish to use them.

Independent photographers using TIME should advise them as to: Their availability and non-availability and preferred ‘journey plans’ if home visits are provided.

Appointments are entered by TIME into a shared Google Calendar. TIME will advise on how to set this up. The photographer ‘blocks out’ the time when they are, and are not, available.

TIME needs to be able to be able to share/edit the Calendar.

Making Emma’s Diary appointments

  1. Initial call (TIME) Calling with telephone numbers, introduce photography company (in association with Emma’s Diary) and offer – recommended offer: Free sitting with a free photographic gift.
  2. Confirmation letter (TIME or yourself ) This should include some basic information about the offer, the session and preparation for it. It is a good idea to address it to the mother and baby. The letter should include directions to the studio (if a studio appointment), a bit about the studio, the photographer and if possible some examples of your photography on a ‘Thank you for Booking’ leaflet for instance. The same content should apply relating to a home visit.
    This should be sent out within 48 hours of the appointment being made. Don’t forget your location map with the letter (where applicable).
    B & C template letters for studio and home visits are provided at the end of this guide.
  3. Fire-up call (Photographer only) This is the most important part of the portrait process. Neglect this one aspect of portrait marketing and you will NOT succeed! Remember – marketing is the whole sequence of the portrait process from start to finish: from the first thing you do to get a customer, through to contacting them again for repeat business. You should not miss out anything least of all the FIRE UP CALL. Think of it as the first step in creating a lifelong friendship. The call should be done by the person taking the photographs. Build a relationship – THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ACTION IN REDUCING NO SHOWS AND INCREASING SALES! If they don’t turn up after this call it is the photographers responsibility – NOT the person who booked the appointment.