What is Emma’s Diary Data

ed-logo-colourWhat is Emma’s Diary?
Emma’s Diary is a “best practice” publication for new mums and data comes from those who register having received the publication from their GP – it is endorsed by the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Some amazing news from Emma’s Diary about the allocation of their booklets – requested by over 9,000 GP’s with over 840,000 distributed to them, at an average of 90 copies per surgery. The reason the overall number is larger than the annual birth rate is that Emma’ Diary is so popular and is issued at 3 stages (pregnancy, newborn and toddler).” Glenn Hoy, 19th June 2014

What data is available?
The following data is exclusively available to one photographer in any area:
1. Baby (0-24 weeks)
2. Pregnancy (last stage prior to birth) and Toddler (25-48 weeks) may be added at no extra cost

What help do I get?

  • Templates for marketing materials for your business
  • Emma’s Diary workshops to teach you how to take £300 average orders
  • Free SMS and emails to your pregnancy and 2-12wk data (for particpation in the Baby of the Month competition)
  • A closed Facebook group to share information with other members
  • Use of the Emma’s Diary brand
  • £5000 in the Baby of the year competition
  • Your customers may win 1 of 5 £100 Mothercare vouchers per month
  • FREE Registrations from the Baby of the Month Facebook page (for particpation in the Baby of the Month competition)
  • An extensive Emma’s Diary best practice manual
  • An exclusive area which is not available to any other photographer
  • Proven price lists and costings

What cost is the data?
The cost of data is £1.99 +vat. There is no registration fee and two months notice may be given at any time.

What date would we receive the data?
This is usually on or around 1st of the month, depending on when Barrett & Coe receive it.

Do we receive the data and send an offer out?
Yes, you can make any offer you wish to your customers. We are more than happy to help/advise with any marketing (no cost for this) for your first month.

Who takes / arranges appointments?
Usually you, the photographer does this. Barrett & Coe work closely with TIME 2013 who provide telemarketing services for their Franchisees and a number of independent photographers. This is totally optional.

How much data do we need to take, is there a minimum or maximum?
On average there are approximately 100 leads per area but can vary according to population or birth rate in that area. We always recommend you do not take more than one area to begin with.

What format is data supplied in?
Data is supplied in a Excel or CSV file with the following fields:

Unique Ref No.
First Name
Tel No.
Address 1 / Address 2 / Address 3 / Address 4
DOB/Due date
Child 1/2/3/4/5 DOB

Does data contain telephone numbers?
Yes, approximately 70% have either mobile and/or landline. They are about 85% accurate, as people change numbers after they have submitted their information.

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