Emmas Diary Elite


This scheme is brought to you in association with Barrett & Coe and TIME 2013 in order to increase your bookings and sales potential from your Emma’s Diary data.

It is based upon our vast experience in making appointments from Emma’s Diary data using telephone numbers, as well as our practical application of best practice processes and techniques throughout our Franchise operation and independent photographer network.

It is increasingly evident that mums are more reluctant to reply to traditional marketing routes such as mailshots.

This is symptomatic to all data sources but it is only Emma’s Diary data that can and does provide an effective solution – using the telephone numbers and email addresses provided.

Emma’s Diary Elite photographers

Barrett & Coe have gone way past being simply ‘data providers’ to become an integral part of your marketing and sales processes by providing practical and on-going assistance. In summary, Emma’s Diary Elite is an answer to the question of how best to use Emma’s Diary data in order to achieve maximum results in the most productive and profitable way.

Emma’s Diary Elite will not be for everyone as it demands commitment, understanding and professionalism at every stage.

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