Emma’s Diary Workshops

Dates: 2017 dates to be confirmed, call 01603 629739 for more details
Location: Norwich, 9.45am – 3.30pm


Why workshops?
These days will be available once a month on a first come first served basis for a maximum of 6 people at a time. There will be a small charge of £25 to cover basic costs and lunch will be provided.

Each year our franchised studios collectively achieve sales of £750,000 from Emma’s Diary data and these are run by people who start out with no experience of the industry or craft they are entering into.

At present they are currently averaging just over £300 per sitting which may sound too good to be true, however we know these sales figures are exact because they pay us a percentage of each sale they make.

Having this network of studios in place gives us the facility to be able to trial, test and analyse different ideas, such as new products, price-lists and processes. The knowledge collected from this helps us to continuously improve and build upon our successes with Emma’s Diary, and it is this knowledge and success that we want to pass onto you!

What you will learn
Your Emma’s Diary process is the key to your success and there are a number of factors that sit within it which all have to be executed in order to manage your client’s expectations and make you effective.

There is far more to a baby shoot than just taking photographs and analysing these key factors at one of our Emma’s Diary Pro days is a priority if you want Emma’s Diary to become even better for you!

To book call 01603 629739

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